"What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Advise Entrepreneurs & Executives


From strategy development and execution through facilitation, mentoring, organizational development and market updates, we help organizations and individuals sift through competing choices and set a clear go-forward vision and plan.

Build Strategic Communications


Crafting a vision is the first step, but establishing clarity of that vision with the market & internal stakeholders is critical for success.  We leverage every communication channel to make your intent known, ensure you stand out as a thought leader, deliver content that is high value, and elevate your brand in the process.

Effect Whole Person Leadership


You seldom find the rest of the story when you read leadership texts. About how sleep, good nutrition, exercise, and engaging with a community make you stronger, more effective, more empathic, more resilient, more energetic – and more effective. We know this to be true, have evidence to prove it, and we will help you get there. Your teams and your families will thank us.

Celebrate & Cultivate Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship is a long and lonely road riddled with costly and painful mistakes.  We know, as we’ve been there.  Let us save you months of wasted effort and get back the one thing money cannot buy – time.  We can help you make the best decisions in financing, organizational design, product launch, team management, strategic partnering and more. Let us build and elevate you as a brand, serving as your personal publicist, to ensure you are sustained long after any planned exit. Human interest vs. company stories are more interesting - let us help you capitalize on that for the good of the organization, and for the good of you. 



Heather delivers a unique blend of honesty, transparency, humanism and technical acumen that engages and inspires audience members.  Often found at the end of a long-receiving line after events that draw 100 to more than 1,000 attendees, Heather is consistently rated at the top of speakers in seminars and conferences.  Heather covers topics on whole person leadership, women in technology and entrepreneurism, endurance athletics, artificial intelligence in healthcare, the internet of things, and health care policy and trends.  For more information about booking Heather for a speaking engagement, contact us.